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Prostrainers are large pump screens or perforated cones that fit all standard pumps. Prostrainers are designed to keep particulate matter out of the pumps, to insure the longevity of pumps. 


Prostrainers are made of 304 Stainless Steel, with a 1/8" perforated hole pattern. This product is laser-cut, die stamped, precision welded, turned on a lathe for ultimate performance.


Prostrainers come in multiple sizes. For more information, call 218.766.3650.

Welcome to Prostrain

Quality, Price, and Service


Quality: Here at Prostrain, we use only the finest materials and fabrication technology. Prostrain creates parts that are user-friendly and fabricated to last and last. Poor quality will not hold up in the long run, which is something that Prostrain will not accept.


Price: Here at Prostrain, we have no interest in overcharging our customers. We simply want to be price competitive, as this is a big part of being fair to our customers.


Service: Service, and Service:  Here at Prostrain, service is one of the most crucial elements in business. We take great pride in building customer relationships. Prostrain will address any issues. We are happy to customize (if necessary) our services to meet your needs. We deliver promptly.  Simply put, we are committed to meeting our customers' needs.


Questions... Please Call 218.766.3650

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Desander Strainer


Desander Strainers are cylinder desander screens that are designed to cover the slots on a Cavins Desander to keep out larger particulates, such as chunks of rubber, in an effort to extend the longevity of the Cavins Desander.


Desander Strainers are made of 304 Stainless Steel, rolled, and precision welded.


Desander Stainers come in multiple sizes. For more information, call 218.766.3650.

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The Prostrain No-Go is a “No-Go Bullplug.”  Its construction is an L80 collar, with either an L80 Bullplug or a J55 Bullplug, per request.  The Three wings are a one-piece construction made of three-quarter-inch plate steel and welded on both sides.

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